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Occupational Therapy

We aim to help individuals develop the necessary abilities to accomplish their activities of daily living and/or to find ways to compensate for physical, cognitive, psychosocial, and/or functional limitations to ensure optimal participation in whatever activities they regularly engage in and fulfill their various roles. We offer treatment in various settings including hospitals, old age homes, and outpatient care and are contracted with majority of medical aid schemes. 


As OT's, we are well equipped to help modify the environment or activities such as self-care activities, work related activities, household activities, and leisure activities so that our clients can accomplish them with ease and efficiency, as well as minimise the impact of their condition on their ability to engage in meaningful occupations.

Restoring skills for everyday self-care tasks such as bathing and dressing after an accident, illness, or with advancing age.

Our goal is to restore the skills necessary for basic personal hygiene tasks such as washing and changing clothes after they have been compromised by an accident, illness, or old age. We help you identify your daily goals, break them down into manageable steps and integrate them into your daily life.


We are also experts in making your bathroom a safe and accessible space to meet your changing needs. Occupational therapists are highly skilled in helping people who have difficulty washing and dressing themselves and provide these individuals with the necessary tools to achieve maximum independence. 


How do you know if you need to reach out?

Below are some of the reasons people may seek our help: 


  • To reduce the risk of falling or getting caught while bathing, showering, or using the toilet 

  • To learn how to better have ready access to the toilet when needed 

  • Difficulty standing or maintaining 

  • Acquisition of new personal care techniques after brain, spine, or orthopaedic injury 

  • Coping with the effects of progressive neurological disease

  • Presence of impaired mobility and coordination 

Our assessment process allows our expert occupational therapists to pinpoint a client's personal care issues and provide the best possible practical advice and new personal care techniques. We will be able to provide guidance for the situation. We can also recommend helpful tweaks and devices and arrange their installation (if necessary). 


Our approach aims to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to maximize independence and reduce risk. 

Our OT assessments include: 

  • Medical history and current prognosis

  • Current and future level of mobility, hand and arm function 

  • Fatigue, concentration or memory difficulties 

  • Assessment of your occupational profile 

  • Location of rooms is always critical to the living environment 

  • Height and position of bathroom furniture 

  • Accessibility of Stairs 

  • Future Goals and Aspirations of the client/patient, Family, or Caregivers 

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