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About SimplyOT

Our History and Founder

Simply OT by Ursula Health is a South African-based Occupational Therapy Private Practice founded in 2016. We offer comprehensive healthcare services to patients/clients, families and communities through upholding innovative culture, remarkable outcomes, and unique approach to patient/client care. You’ll be greeted by our friendly, caring, passionate, and motivating team when you enter our door. We are always available and happy to serve!


Malebo Nkosi is the founder and certified generalist Occupational Therapist, having obtained a BSc in Occupational Therapy from the University of Cape Town and has  extensive experience in vocational rehabilitation. Malebo has significant experience of undertaking functional and vocational assessments, developing return-to-work programmes and undertaking rehabilitation. 

Our team comprises of Occupational Therapists with vast array of experience including experience in neuro rehabilitation, paediatrics, catastrophic orthopaedic injuries, mental health conditions and chronic fatigue. Our OTs are both WorkWell and ErgoScience-trained with extensive experience across occupational health, employment support and insurance based work. We have an overall passion for supporting public and corporate health, as well as social functions to help people work, play, complete daily tasks, and function optimally to enable them to live fulfilling lives despite the impact of any acute and chronic physical or cognitive conditions and subsequent psychosocial difficulties.

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